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Your employer brand makes the difference!

Only sad faces on Monday morning?

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We make you smile on Monday morning


Do your employees arrive at the office on a whistle every Monday morning? If yes, you’re doing a hell of a job! The way your employees feel at work determines your name and brand as an employer. And that’s precisely what you need to attract and retain the best people for your company and team!


Branded.Careers is an employer branding agency and what we do is put your name out there. In fact, we shout it out loud! How do we do that? Well, not literally ofcourse (although, nothing is too crazy for us) but through surprising video’s and interactive campaigns in which we showcase what makes your company so unique.


But we go beyond employer branding. We are your strategic partner for ground breaking HR-communication. We conjure amazing experiences for your candidates as well as your existing employees during the entire process of the employee lifecycles:


  • Candidate experience: Recruiting top talent
  • Preboarding and pre-hiring experience: The follow up with future employees after the first online and offline contact.
  • Onboarding experience: Welcoming new colleagues to the company
  • Employee experience: Retaining good employees
  • Exit experience: Ending things in a good way with people who leave the company

Are you ready to boost your employer brand?

Employer Branding

Do you want to attract and retain more and better talent? Then you need to highlight your qualities as an employer and enforce your employer brand.

Employer Marketing

Do you want to recruit top talent? Instead of boring and classic vacancies, go for targeted employer marketing with entertaining videos.

Workshops en Events

Do you want to showcase a strong and powerful employer brand? Learn all the tips and tricks at one of our smashing Branded.Careers workshops.


Do you want to attract top talent? Make sure they know where to apply! That's why creating a successful employer branding strategy is essential.

At Branded.Careers we only work with top talents! How did we manage to attract these people? Well, we give them a new Jaguar each year… Just kidding! What attracted each and every one of them was our company culture.


Do you want to astound amazing candidates? Give them a behind the scenes tour of your company.

Watch more employer branding-video’s and listen to the feedback of our branded buddies.

What employer branding does…

Decreases employee related costs by 0%

Increases job satisfaction by 0%

Accurate employment choice by0%

More facts and figures?
Download the e-book ‘What employer branding can do for you’

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