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Are you determined to enhance your competitive advantage in the war for talent? Great idea! Branded.Careers comes to the rescue! In our workshops we combine theoretical advice with practical exercises. Hire our branding expert Johan Driessens for one of your events and let his enthusiasm ignite your company’s fire! Alternatively come to our MaHRketeers Inspiration Day to learn more about linking up marketing and HR.


Workshop: define your employer brand

Workshop: candidate experience

Workshop: employee experience

Workshop: videotrends in HR

Workshop: getting creative with video

Event: keynote speech by Johan Driessens

Event: MaHRketeers Inspiraton Day

Workshop: define your employer brand

Are you eager to find out what your employer brand really stands for? Try to experience it through the eyes for your employees and candidates. It’s not as easy as it sounds and can be quite confronting. Luckily the Branded.Careers employer branding experts are here to help you out!


Together we will try to get insight in questions such as:


  • Why would a candidate choose your company?
  • What makes you stand out from other employers?
  • How do employees describe your company? We’re talking about their real, honest perception not a pre-recorded message.
  • How do you put your company values into practise? Are the company values actually carried out or is it merely a yellowed list hanging next to the reception desk?
  • What are your implicit company values and how can they be communicated internally as well as externally?

With the information gathered during the employer branding workshop we can create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This document sums up what your company has to offer and forms a solid base for your employer marketing.

Workshop: candidate experience

Send your resume. Have an interview with an HR executive. Have an interview with the team manager. Have an interview with the head of the department. And have yet another interview with HR… what a tedious process!


Does this resemble your recruitment process? If your process is standard and dull, how can you expect your candidates to stand out? It’s time to rethink and revamp your recruitment process.

During this workshop we fire your current application process and start afresh. The goal is to create a transparent, engaging process from the very beginning of the application to recruitment.

Instead of paperwork and interrogations we opt for interaction and… FUN. To attract the right candidates you have to show off the true colours of your company right from the very start.

Workshop: employee experience

Were you able to recruit exceptional talents? Then you obviously want to keep them! In the 21st century bonuses and promotions are no longer a determining factor for employees. Are you curious to learn what measures you should take in order to retain your star employees? The magic word is employee experience.

During our workshop we go through all the different stages of your employee journey. We take a look at the daily procedures and evaluate your employees’ feelings. What can you do to improve their experience? How and when should you reach out to your employees?

Improve your on boarding experience and make employees feel at home and appreciated from the very first till the last day they work at your company. Research has shown that employees who are able to identify with the company culture are more motivated and act as ambassadors for attracting new top talents!

Workshop: videotrends in hr

70% of all mobile data traffic consists of moving images. It baffles us that HR departments stick to traditional written communication despite everyone having a camera with them at all times… on their smartphone.

Stop investing in memo’s, e-mails and blog posts. Hardly anyone reads them, so rather invest some time and effort in a medium that continues to draw attention: video!

After this workshop you’ll be up to speed with video technology and you’ll be set to start experimenting with your own smartphone camera. During the workshop we mainly focus on recruitment and internal communication but the techniques are also applicable for other marketing strategies because video always pays off!

Workshop: getting started with video

Are you convinced of the benefits video can bring to your HR communication? And are you anxious to try out filming yourself? In this workshop we’ll bring out your inner Steven Spielberg. Don’t be surprised if your videos go viral due to their high level of creativity and professionalism that is (not cause their lack thereof).

We start with the basics:

  • How do you create a compelling and coherent story?
  • What are the best camera configurations?
  • How do you ensure good sound quality in any given environment?
  • What film styles exist and how do you choose the best one for your message?

All that’s left then is to shoot your own movie

Whoever heard our Chief Enthusiasm Officer speak, immediately understands why he got this title! He delivers blistering keynote speeches on topics such as

  • The power of enthusiasm
  • HR trends
  • employer branding
  • The 9th element of employer branding: fun!

Event: MaHRketeers Inspiration Day

To attract and retain talent recruiters and HR professionals need to learn how to think like marketers. That’s why we call them: MaHRketeers. Once a year we organise a meet-up called MaHRketeers Inspiration Day. The event is filled with workshops about employer branding, employer marketing, HR video’s and much more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book the workshop of your choice! Or let us know if you have your own suggestions, nothing’s too crazy for us!!

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