Rebranding: off to a new employer branding strategy


Is no one responding to your vacancies? Or are you overwhelmed by applications that don’t fit the requirements?

Are candidates lazy? Or do they not read the description properly? You spend so much time in putting together a job offer with a detailed job description and corresponding duties… What could possibly be wrong?

Well… quite frankly. The candidates aren’t at fault here. But you are. More specifically your lack of an employer branding strategy is the root of the issue.

Luckily it’s quite easy to solve and what’s even better: it’s way cheaper to adopt an employer branding strategy than attracting talents with expensive benefits or through head hunters.

Recruiting without an employer branding-strategy? Don’t even think about it!


Times are changing! This is how it used to be:

Employer:”Tell me, why should we hire you?”

Now it’s rather:

Employer:”Tell me, why should I come work for you?”
You know what needs to be done! Do you want to attract the right people who blend right and are more than 100% devoted? Then it’s up to you to persuade them!

The best way to do this is by giving an accurate and attractive representation of your company and what it’s like to work there. Or in other words: a strong employer brand.

A blank page


Try writing down your company’s identity in one sentence. You can’t do it? How do you expect to persuade candidates?

Luckily Branded.Careers starts from scratch. Through personal contact and workshops we discover what makes your company unique. By using this strategy to rebrand your company we have a solid base to create your employer branding strategy.

Proclaim your employer brand strategy


Do you already know what your company stands for? Then it’s time to immerse your current and future employees with your identity!

Together with you Branded.Careers puts together the best communication mix for your employer branding strategy. Some of the possibilities include:

  • A slogan that summarizes your employer brand
  • A video: this can be spontaneous, original, budget friendly or high-end (like this one)
  • Trainings and workshops about your employer branding strategy
  • The use of our job platform Djobby or a bespoke jobsite.
  • webbanners, visuals, Social Media content, …

Off we go!


Is your employer branding sailing a steady course? Through our MaHRketeers-formula you can maintain this smooth sailing. For a fixed price Branded.Careers provides you with monthly content such as movies, graphics, Social Media content,…

The result? While you are focussing on the growth of your company Branded.Careers ensures you never experience hick-ups through lack of qualified, motivated employees!

Continue growing without hick-ups? Implement your new employer branding strategy now!

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