At Branded… we think outside the box!


Branded Careers is a young and ambitious start-up, since 2014.
Our team consists of eight driven and crazy team members who spark innovation.

Our statement “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” is one we live by. 

At Branded.Careers each and everyone of us, works with a smile!


Our mission?



Johan Driessens

Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Meet our amazing strategy team!


We create HR experiences, from prehire to retire.  We boost, teach and show you how it’s done.


Ann Flipkens

Chief Inspiration Officer

Meet our design queen!


Every employer brand needs a good design, I visualize your ideas in a no-nonsense way!


Kirsten Willems

Chief H2H Design

Meet our joyfull film team!


We make films, embedding your true identity. We shoot till we have the best shots!


Julien Philippe

Creative Director

Niels Faes

Dynamic Audiovisual Artist

Rutger Verbist

Wicked Visual Wizard

Lege Doos

Handig om een even aantal te krijgen!

Marjan Verschueren

Cheerful Film Fixer

Bjorn Lauwerijs

Creative Pixel Addict

Zin in een koffie en een babbel?

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